November 2017 Minutes

The Colonial NW – 2777
12296 224St Maple Ridge BC V2X 0M3


Council Members Present: Ken Hall President
George Crysler Vice President
Sharon Bull Secretary
Erik Nielsen Treasurer
Anna Levesque Insurance Officer (absent)
Don Zaharuk Officer

Meeting called to Order at 7pm.

Adoption of Previous Minutes dated October 10th 2017: Unanimously waived the reading.

Treasurers Report: Read by the Treasurer Mr. Erik Nielsen. Strata fees are up to date and one owner owes for overdue parking fees, which the Council is following for payment. Budget discussion took place and looking to the future for the goals we have in mind for 2018. Motion to accept the budget as read by Ken Hall, seconded by George Crysler.

Old Business:
-Some gutter cap areas were cleaned.
-Snow removal contract was finalized.

New Business:
-Letters were received and read and responses will go out where necessary.
-Discussion on patio deck surfaces that need to be replaced in 2018.


With the recent change of time, the fire department recommends that your batteries be changed out in your smoke detectors. Most units have a dual smoke detector which is hard wired and has a battery backup. Council strongly recommends that this directive is taken seriously, as our smoke detectors are our first line of defence in case a fire should break out.


When leaving your unit for longer than 24 hours, Owners are required to shut off the water, the hot water tank, televisions, computers and appliances as per our Bylaws. Being pro-active is our first line of defence in the event of a water leak or potential fire. Owners that fail to follow these actions could be subject to a Fine of $100. Council hopes that all Owners comply.


Commencing November 15th 2017, outdoor christmas decorations are permitted for each individual unit. The decorations must be removed on or before January 15th 2018. Council asks that Owners be mindful of the railings and deck surfaces so that no damages occur when putting up your Christmas decor.


Council wishes to thank the following Owners who decorated the hall and took down the decor and handed out treats to the kiddies on Halloween evening. Thank you to Anna Levesque, Sharon Bull, Jean Crysler, Sheila Coutu, Erik Nielsen and George Crysler. The evening was enjoyed with Brenda Corridan, Helen Klassen, and new Owner Sami Lypka. A BIG thank you to all Owners who contributed candies and treats for the children, it was all much appreciated.


Council has noted that an Owner or Owners have left the recycling and garbage area untidy and messy. When you have accidentally caused a spill or a bag breaks, its up to that individual Owner to clean up after themselves, it should not be left for Council or another Owner to clean up. For example someone spilled kitty litter and the mess that goes with and left it spilled within the recycling area. Paper that had been shredded was also left spilled for someone else to pick up. There is a broom and dustpan hung in the recycling shed and Council expects everyone to clean up after themselves.


Owners are not permitted to park and or remain parked in a ”visitor stall”. Owners that continue to park in a visitor’s stall are subject to a Fine or being towed. With the Christmas Holidays approaching we want to ensure that all visitor stalls are available for exactly that…visitors.

Motion to adjourn at 8:55pm by Sharon Bull, seconded by Ken Hall.

Next Strata Meeting December 4th 2017 at 7pm.