May 2017 Minutes

The Colonial NW – 2777
12296 224St Maple Ridge BC V2X 0M3


Council Members Present: Ken Hall President
Erik Nielsen Vice President
Sharon Bull Secretary
Robin Knowles Treasurer
Anna Levesque Insurance Officer (absent)
Don Zaharuk Officer
George Crysler Officer

Meeting called to Order at 7pm.

The returning members of the Strata Council welcomed George Crysler, who was elected at the
AGM on April 26th 2017. George is a great addition to the Strata Council.

Adoption of previous Minutes dated April 10th 2017 were unanimously waived for reading.

Treasurers Report: Read by the Treasurer Mr. Robin Knowles. One overdue Strata payment (which Council is following up on) and parking fees are up to date. Mr. Knowles reviewed the budget and expenses, and Council discussed the projects that needed immediate attention, and in what order the maintenance/repairs Council was going to commence with. Motion to accept the Treasurers Report as read by Erik Nielsen, seconded by George Crysler.

Old Business:
-Unit #31 still has some finishing details to be completed and should be finished within a month.
-Council will now proceed with placing sod on the two north buildings at the rear side where the stairs and the concrete were removed.

New Business:
-Council will have Drain Master in to repair leak in the roadway and Council will also upgrade the water lines in the two lower units.
-Council is going to obtain quotes for cleaning out the sumps on the property as well as inquiring about the possibility of a wireless intercom system.
-As time and weather permits, Council will start the process of re-caulking the windows in the complex, starting with the lower units as they have no overhead protection. Mr. Don Zaharuk will be organizing this important project.
-Letters were received and reviewed and replies will be sent if required.


Council has noted that several carports have not been swept out and cleaned. The carports are not to be used for storage of personal items. Owners who have items in the carport are to remove them as per Rule 1.6(5). ”Owners are responsible for keeping their own carport clean and free of clutter and oil spills or stains. Failure to do so could result in a Fine being assessed to your Unit.

Patio cleaning is required by ALL Owners under Bylaw 39.7. Mr. Erik Nielsen along with his son Brad Nielsen, have kindly offered their services to those Owners who wish to have the patio cleaning hired out. The price list is as follows:

-Lower decks and railings $25 each

-Upper decks and railings $35 each (as extra railings)

-Patio furnishings $10-$20 (range due to amount of pieces)

-Extremely dirty decks/patios will be billed at $25 per hour.

Council wishes to thank Erik and Brad for offering a much needed service to Owners at The Colonial. To arrange to have your patio cleaned, please contact the Secretary Sharon Bull at #604-466-9237 or email at to be placed on the cleaning list. Payment for these services must be paid by cheque, payable to NW-2777. Mr. Erik Nielsen will attempt to contact Owners in advance as to the day they will be commencing at your unit. Start date for this will be next week May 15th 2017 and could be ongoing for 2-3 weeks as time permits.

ALL patio cleaning and carport cleaning is to be completed no later than June 15th 2017. Council thanks owners in advance for their cooperation in maintaining the cleanliness of our complex.

Council has noted that some fourplex units are in serious need of cleaning. Colonial Rule 1.9 (1) (2)
requires that all four owners maintain the cleanliness of the common hallway area. If Owners cannot or do not wish to do themselves, then the hiring of a cleaning service is required. Council will
INVOICE ALL FOUR OWNERS for the cleaning of the common hallway area should it not be completed.



When you see Council Members out and about working on the property, please keep in mind they are working and have a limited amount of time and manpower to complete the tasks that they want to get completed. To be interrupted for minor requests is distracting and only delays the important work they are doing.

A WATER LEAK is the ONLY time Council wants to receive phone calls. Council Members are NOT on call all the time and would like their home lives to be as enjoyable as other Owners. Owners, please respect this request.

The following Bylaws have been registered at the Land Titles office in New Westminster as approved at the AGM April 26th 2017. Please amend your personal Bylaw Package to reflect the new changes.

Bylaw 39.7(a) ”Patio deck surfaces and railings must be cleaned a minimum of once a year and or as needed by the Owner. If you are unable to do the cleaning yourself, contact the Strata Council to make arrangements to do the cleaning and the Owner will be invoiced for the work done.”

Bylaw 37.2(a) ”No Owner, tenant or occupant is permitted to rent out their individual unit, or an individual room within their unit or an RV parked on The Colonial NW2777 property as an Air BNB Rental, Bed and Breakfast Rental, or any Exchange Students.”


The Strata Council will be having the carpet cleaned in the Clubhouse, and some units have requested to have the carpet cleaning done in the common hallway of the fourplex units. These carpets should be cleaned once a year depending on how often the cleaning maintenance is done. If you individually would like any carpet cleaning done or the common hallway to be done by the four owners, then contact the Secretary Sharon Bull at #604-466-9237 or email at

Council wishes to thank and acknowledge Linda Saari for serving on the Strata Council for two years and for assisting in delivering the Strata Minutes. Enjoy your retirement!

Meeting adjourned at 9pm by Robin Knowles, seconded by Sharon Bull.

Next Strata Meeting is June 12th 2017 at 7pm in the Clubhouse.