May 2016 Minutes

The Colonial NW – 2777
12296 224St Maple Ridge BC V2X 0M3


Council Members Present: Ken Hall President
Erik Nielsen Vice President
Sharon Bull Secretary
Robin Knowles Treasurer
Anna Levesque Officer
Linda Saari Officer
Don Zaharuk Officer

Meeting called to Order at 7:05pm

Council Members made their decision on the above stated positions for the upcoming year 2016/2017.

Adoption of previous Minutes dated April 25th 2016: The reading was unanimously waived.

Treasurers Report: Read by Mr. Robin Knowles. One strata unit in arrears and one parking fee in arrears. Appropriate action will be taken with the individual owners. The budget was reviewed and the motion to accept the Treasurers Report as read was accepted by Erik Nielsen, seconded by Anna Levesque.

Old Business:
-Council to follow up with the property owner that adjoins our property in regards to a tree on her property and ask why the tree in question has not been cut down to avoid damages and or injuries to persons or property as previously agreed upon.
-Council has some more patio posts to prepare for replacement, along with some vinyl decking which will take place during the summer months.

New Business:
-Council looking at installing a water line to the rear of the front entrance flower bed to allow for watering of the shrubs and flowers to be maintained easily. Once installed Council will be looking for volunteers to turn the tap on and off to a soaker hose system. The scheduling will appear in future Minutes once this is ready.
-Letters were reviewed with replies going to specific Owners as well as letters being sent to Owners where Council is taking the appropriate actions.


The following two Bylaws were registered at the Land Titles Office in New Westminster BC.
Please add these two Bylaws for your records. These Bylaws are now enforceable under the Colonial Bylaws.

-If the alteration to an individual Strata Lot requires and or involves altering or modifying any plumbing or electrical a certified, bonded and insured plumber or electrician must be used. The Owner must apply for approval from the Strata Council prior to commencing the said work, in conjunction with Bylaw 8.2. Proceeding with this type of renovation without prior Council approval could result in a Fine being assessed.

NEW BYLAW 40.1(a) Parking and Battery Charging for Mobility Scooters.
-Parking of Mobility Scooters are not permitted in the common hallway of fourplex units as per the B.C. Building Code Integrity of Exits 6) An exit shall be designed for no purpose other than for exiting, except that an exit is permitted also to be designed to serve as an access to a floor area. Exit corridors are designed to facilitate exiting only, they are not to be used for storage. Confirmed and validated by the Maple Ridge Fire Department.

-Mobility Scooters being used by an Owner must be parked at the end of their individual carport stall. Securing of the scooters to the concrete wall can be requested to the Strata Council with all costs incurred being paid by the Owner of said unit.

-The charging of the battery on the mobility scooter must be done via the GFI outlet provided in the rear carport area. Charging of these batteries is not permitted on common property and residential extension cords are not permitted for charging these types of batteries on Commercial/Strata property.

The cost of using ”common hydro power” will be a nominal fee charged back to the individual Owner that makes use of this service provided to them specifically. The proposed charge will be $5 per month in advance or paid with monthly post dated cheques for the 2016/2017 fiscal year.


The following two Rules should be added to your Colonial Rules as they were approved and passed at the April 27th 2016 AGM. These Rules are now enforceable by the Colonial Council.

NEW RULE 1.2(10):
-The Colonial does not have and will not have any charging capabilities for an electric car, a smart car or a hybrid car. These types of vehicles can be owned and parked only at The Colonial.

NEW RULE 1.11(a):
-Only items listed on recycling bins can be disposed of at the recycling shed area. Any other items must be taken to the recycling depot personally or via a private recycling pick up company. Owners are not permitted to leave unwanted items on the floor or the walls of the recycling sheds.

Council is still looking for verification of which Owners have bicycles stored in the bike shed. The Secretary heard from 3 Owners confirming their bicycles, but there are bicycles still unaccounted for with a wait list of Owners that would like to have a bicycle stored in the shed. If you have a bike in the shed but do not use, please be considerate of other Owners that would like to take advantage of storing their own bikes in there as well. Please contact the Secretary to confirm your ownership of a bicycle, the three Owners that contacted the Secretary previously do not need to reconfirm.

A broom and dustpan is going to be hanging up in the recycling shed area for Owners to tidy up in there. An Owner kindly suggested and offered to get the broom/dustpan to help maintain a cleaner recycling area. We hope that Owners will take the initiative to help maintain the cleanliness of our complex. Council thanks the Owner who made the suggestion. Thank you to Mr. Erik Nielsen for spending the time powerwashing the recycling area, it was very much needed and we appreciate his efforts.


The Colonial has a web site that has been built and managed by the Secretary Sharon Bull. This is a great resource tool for Owners to either look up information and or read and print the Bylaws and Rules. Please take a look at and register to avail yourself to important information at The Colonial.
The site is

Motion to adjourn at 8:45pm by Robin Knowles, seconded by Anna Levesque.

Next Strata Meeting June 13th at 7pm.