May 2015

The Colonial NW – 2777
12296 224St Maple Ridge B.C. V2X 0M3

Strata Meeting April 11th 2015

Council Members Present: Erik Nielsen President
Ken Hall Vice President
Sharon Bull Secretary
Robin Knowles Treasurer (absent)
Donna Klein Officer
Anna Levesque Officer (absent)
Linda Saari Officer

Sharon Bull made a motion to nominate Erik Nielsen as President. Mr. Nielsen accepted, Ken Hall accepted Vice President and Sharon Bull and Robin Knowles agreed to their previous positions as Secretary and Treasurer. Anna Levesque and Linda Saari are Officers. Motion to accept the nominated positions by Ken Hall, seconded by Linda Saari.

Meeting called to order at 7pm.

Adoption of Previous Minutes was waived unanimously.

Treasurers Report: Sharon Bull on behalf of Mr. Knowles advised Council that Strata Fees for May 1st were owing for one unit, secondary parking for two units were due and RV
parking was due. The Secretary will send letters and or emails to these owners. Motion to accept as read by Erik, seconded by Donna.

Old Business:
-Brickwork at the front entrance has been completed and the landscaper has been
advised to bring in the top soil and flowering shrubs to complete this garden bed.
-Council to meet with Gutter Tech to look at cost saving options
-Mr. Ken Hall and Mr. Erik Nielsen will be taking care of the concrete work in
front of unit #54. Price quoted from a contractor Council felt was too high to
enter into a working contract. This work will be done as weather permits.

New Business:
-Two water leaks have been repaired. Council continues to repair Unit #41 and #42.
-Letters went to Owners where warranted.

Council regretfully accepts the resignation of Donna Klein (Officer). Donna has worked tirelessly not only for the Strata Council for 8 years, but within the Colonial Community at large. There will be a big void at our Council table and a bigger one for her neighbors and friends here at The Colonial. We all wish Donna well on her new endeavors and hope that she comes back to visit often. Thank you Donna for all your hard work and kindness that you have shown to many of us here at The Colonial. You will be missed.


Owners are responsible for adhering to the speed limit posted for themselves and their guests. With Summer hours we have more foot traffic within the complex and care and attention to speed is a must.

For Owners that are wanting to use the tools in the workshop you must sign an Insurance Waiver with the Secretary Sharon Bull prior to using them.

Thank you to Don Zaharuk for painting the curb that borders our rear flowerbed at the back of the property. It will definitely be easier to see now.

Council continues to monitor the recycling area and organics. We hope that all owners are being diligent in adhering to the new guidelines that will become permanently effective July 1st 2015. After that date potential fines could be applied by Smithrite, which in turn would be passed along to the offending owner. With twice weekly organic pickup we hope this will be sufficient for the complex. Thank you once again for supporting our GREEN recycling program here at The Colonial.


Thank you to Sharon Bull for creating a website for The Colonial Complex. As technology advances more and more things are going online. The Council discussed creating a website that Owners can visit, get up to date information on any upcoming projects or events, download Strata Minutes, AGM Minutes, Bylaws, Rules and Forms. There are helpful links and a FAQ page as well. The Documents page will only be accessible to Owners Only. The rest of the site functions for anyone who visits the website. You must join and register which will initiate an email to the Secretary Sharon Bull. Once ownership has been confirmed then you will be approved and an email will be sent back to you indicating you have been approved for registration. Please allow 24 hours for this process to be completed. Keep in mind that with a new site there can be a hiccup or two, but we hope things will run smoothly. Our complex might be 26 years young, but we’re moving forward with lots of positive changes, so drop in and visit:

Motion to adjourn at 9:10pm by Ken Hall & Donna Klein.

Next Strata Meeting June 8th 2015 at 7pm.