March 13th 2017 Minutes

The Colonial NW – 2777
12296 224St Maple Ridge BC V2X 0M3

Strata Meeting March 13th 2017

Council Members Present: Ken Hall President (absent)
Erik Nielsen Vice President
Sharon Bull Secretary
Robin Knowles Treasurer
Anna Levesque Officer
Linda Saari Officer
Don Zaharuk Officer

Meeting called to Order at 7pm

Adoption of previous Minutes : Dated February 15th 2017 were unanimously waived for reading.

Treasurers Report: Read by Robin Knowles. Strata Fees are up to date and one unit is in arrears for parking fees. Mr. Knowles presented Council with the budget for the upcoming year 2017/2018. Council reviewed the projects/costs of the upcoming Spring and Summer Season. Motion to accept as read by Linda Saari, seconded by Erik Nielsen.

Old Business:
-Carport repair has been completed where Community Bus had hit it. The invoice will be subrogated under an insurance claim back to ICBC. H.I.Roofing completed this work.
-Restoration work deemed finished by the Owner of unit #6. Restoration work continues in Unit #12.
-Awaiting a date from H.I.Roofing to complete repairs to unit #28. The vinyl contractor has been contacted to do the repair for damages caused by the tree falling along side the north east building.

New Business:
-The new railings have been ordered for the two north buildings in preparation for the removal of the stairs. This project will start within the next two weeks.
-Letters received were read and reviewed.

Turn On Exterior Water if you are able to do so. If you need assistance please contact a Council Member.

Council is looking for volunteers that would be willing to sweep up the excess salt/sand along the curb side and collect it to be disposed of so it does not all run into our drainage system. Contact Erik or Don if you are able to help out.


As weather permits its time to start of our Spring Cleaning at the Colonial. Owners are expected to clean their deck/patio surfaces and railings as per Bylaw 39.7(a). Do not clean the vinyl deck surfaces with a powerwasher as that voids the warranty of any new surfaces over the last 5 years. We have some old fashioned floor polishers in the workshop and they make quick work of the main deck surface. The only items that are to remain on the patios/decks is outdoor furnishings, no more than 4 planter pots. Patios are not for storage containers etc as it keeps the overall aesthetics of the complex looking tidy.

Carports is another area that gets tidied up as well, either with sweeping or hosing down. Please move the gray buckets to the back wall of the carports for storage until next winter. If anyone has the old blue Rubbermaid totes that use to hold sand/salt, please place those containers down by the workshop door so they can be disposed of properly.

Council thanks the Owners for their cooperation in these areas over the next two months.

Motion to adjourn at 8:25pm by Robin Knowles, seconded by Sharon Bull.

Next Strata Meeting March 27th 2017 at 7pm in the Clubhouse.