June 2017 Minutes

The Colonial NW – 2777
12296 224St Maple Ridge BC V2X 0M3

Strata Meeting June 12th 2017

Council Members Present: Ken Hall President
Erik Nielsen Vice President
Sharon Bull Secretary
Robin Knowles Treasurer
Anna Levesque Insurance Officer
Don Zaharuk Officer (absent)
George Crysler Officer

Meeting called to Order at 7pm.

Adoption of Previous Minutes dated May 8 2017, were unanimously waived for reading.

Treasurers Report: Read by the Treasurer Mr. Robin Knowles. Strata Fees and Parking Fees are up to date. Expenses to date were accounted for in this years budget and those costs have been greatly reduced in a large part to the physical work that has been done by Ken Hall, Erik Nielsen, Don Zaharuk and George Crysler. Motion to accept the Treasurers Report as read by George Crysler, seconded by Ken Hall.

Old Business:
-Drain Master pulled 6 lines either on the road and or entrances.
-Council has received partial payment for the expenses of the carport damages from November 2016. We are currently awaiting final payment from ICBC in order to close this file.
-Council has had communications with the Deer Creek Strata in regards to a tree from their strata property falling over and hitting one of our buildings located in and around unit #28. We are pending our records till our next Strata Meeting dated July 4th 2017.
-Mr. George Crysler received quotes from Badger in regards to cleaning our sump pumps. Council will continue to obtain some other cost estimates.
-Mr. George Crysler obtained quotes in regards to our intercom systems. Council will continue to seek additional quotes and solutions.
-6 patio decks were cleaned by Mr. Erik Nielsen and his son Brad. OWNERS PLEASE NOTE,
Mr. Erik Nielsen will not provide any patio cleaning for next Spring. Owners will have to seek out their own cleaning service, do it themselves or ask for assistance from family or friends.

New Business:
-Unit #20 concrete surface on front deck would be looked at, at a later date as more urgent matters are being attended to by council members.
-WJM Mechanical is going to be doing the pulling of our new water lines going forward as there is a significant cost savings, which involves oversight of the strata council as well.
-6 patio decks to be resurfaced, Council has contacted our contractor and indicated we wish to proceed with this repairs at his earliest convenience.
-Letters will be going to individual owners where warranted.

Thank you to Mr. George Crysler for cleaning out the bike shed (which was long overdue) and washing down the bikes that were stored in the shed as well. Please find a list of bikes by their brand names and colours. If you have a bike stored in the shed, please contact Mr. George Crysler to identify the bike as being your own. We are attempting to determine if there is a bike/bikes being stored in the bike shed, when in fact the Owner no long resides at The Colonial.


Due to very limited space in the bike shed, Owners need to respond to Mr. George Crysler.


Council has received complaints in regards to the security of fourplex unit entry doors. Please ensure that ALL OWNERS pull tightly and or push tightly the door closed. This is extremely important as you not only leave yourself vulnerable, but your neighbours as well.

Being that it is the Summer Season is upon us, more transient individuals do enter the property. These types of individuals are unwanted on The Colonial property. Some of these individuals have approached owners with requests etc, and Council would encourage owners to remind them that
”The Colonial Property” is ”private property” and ”they have no right to be on this property”.
Council has signs ordered that will indicate ”no trespassing” ”private property” ”no soliciting” and ”no loitering”. These signs will be displayed at the front of the complex on both driveways once we are in receipt of them.


As per our previous Minutes, Owners were being given till June 15th 2017 to complete the sweeping/washing out of their carport stalls and removing any items that have been placed there for storage. The carports are not allowed to be a ”storage area” as per our bylaws, so as to avoid any unwanted Fines, Council urges that owners attend to this important matter.
Patio cleaning, including the railings is to be completed at this time as well. The bylaw that states owners must clean their patios/decks was approved at the AGM April 26th 2017.

Motion to adjourn at 8:30pm by Robin Knowles and seconded by Erik Nielsen.

Next Strata Meeting will be July 4th 2017 at 7pm.
**This is on a Tuesday, instead of the Monday due to the long weekend.**