January 2015 Minutes

The Colonial – NW 2777

12296 224St Maple Ridge B.C. V2X 0M3


Council Members Present: Lisa Le Blanc President

Ken Hall Vice President

Sharon Bull Secretary

Robin Knowles Treasurer

Donna Klein Officer (absent)

Anna Levesque Officer

Erik Nielsen Officer

Meeting called to Order at 7pm

Council met with new Owners for a Q&A period.

Adoption of Previous Minutes dated December 8th 2014 were waived by Sharon Bull and seconded by Lisa due to the length of conversation with the new Owners.

Treasurers Report: Read by Robin Knowles. The strata fees and parking fees were up to date. A discussion took place regarding the upcoming expenses and projects for 2015/2016. Motion to accept the Treasurers Report as read by Anna Levesque and seconded by Erik Nielsen.

Old Business:

-Re-keying of a fourplex was completed.

-Council awaiting a schedule/time from the arborist for a quote.

New Business:

-Council to look at the security lights at the rear of the property as it seems to be too dark when traveling around the curve.

-Need new bulb for security light at front patios #10#11.



Council implemented our Organics Program two years ago, however there are several Owners who are not disposing of their organics into the green organics bin. Smithrite will be imposing Fines should they see organics within our household garbage which is the large blue bin on the upper side of the complex. Should our organics bin become full we shall make arrangements for a larger bin. We anticipate everyone’s cooperation in this matter, as any Fine assessed if the owners identity is proven will bear responsibility for payment of said Fine.


A Council Member brought forward information that he had seen Christmas lights placed in the plastics recycling along with a hair dryer, and a foot bath placed near the newspaper bin in the recycling shed.

This kind of blatant disregard for the recycling program that has been implemented by The Colonial for many years will not be tolerated should an Owner be identified as the offending party. This type of behavior could result once again in Fines being assessed to The Colonial by our Garbage Company. Council does not wish to have to police recycling, and asks that all Owners take personal responsibility for these programs seriously. If you are doing home improvements within your unit any of those materials must be taken by yourself to the Maple Ridge Transfer Station. If you should witness improper use of the recycling bins please contact a Council Member of your findings. Let us all do our share in keeping The Colonial Green!!

It was brought to Council’s attention that someone was putting composting garden materials in a plastic bag and leaving it on the lawn presumably for the landscapers to pick up. NOTE…The landscapers do not work on our property from December 1st through to March 1st. Disposing of any plant materials is your responsibility to place it in our composting area at the rear of the property. If you require a key for the garden gate please contact Donna Klein in #52.

Please remove outdoor Christmas Decorations on or before January 15th 2015.

Motion to adjourn by Sharon Bull at 8:55pm and seconded by Lisa Le Blanc.

Next Strata Meeting February 9th 2015 at 7pm.