Q-Can I do automatic debit for my Strata Fees?
A-At this time we only accept 12 post-dated cheques dated from May 1st – April 1st.

Q-Is there extra parking spaces and how much is it?
A-There is extra parking at the rear of the property and the cost is $20 per month.

Q-Can I change flooring and paint within my unit without Strata Approval?
A-Yes you can. Any plumbing and electrical must be pre-approved by Strata before the work begins.

Q-Can I install a window air conditioner?
A-Yes, as long as the trim pieces around the conditioner are white or off white in color.

Q-Can I store any of my items in the workshop area?
A-No. The workshop only has storage for hobby items if there is an available storage locker.

Q-Can I store my bike on the patio?
A-No. Bikes have to be stored within your unit or if space is available in the bike shed at the rear of the property.

Q-Where do I get rid of dead plants or patio flowers?
A-Garden compost must be disposed of at the rear of the property through the garden gate. You can obtain a gate key from a Council Member.

Q-Does Strata provide the Organic bucket or do I need to buy my own Organic container.
A-Strata does not provide an Organic container. You can use anything that is your personal choice.

Q-If I want to ask Council a question or get approval on something what do I do?
A-Council requires that all communications be in writing, other than if there is an urgent situation involving a water leak, water dripping or water flooding, then an immediate phone call to a Council Member is required. All other communications must be in writing, signed along with the Unit #. These letters can be placed inside the main floor of the clubhouse to the right of the door is a lock box in which you can place your letter, in an envelope if you prefer. Council will review all correspondence at their next scheduled strata meeting.

Q-If my hot water tank goes is Strata responsible for replacing that?
A-No. Anything inside your individual unit is your responsibility to repair, replace and maintain said items. Strata is responsible for what is behind the walls of your unit, not the interior of your unit.

Q-If I want to use the workshop and the tools do I have to ask to do that?
A-You must sign the Colonial Insurance Waiver Workshop Form, which you can download here under the Documents Tab, or contact the Strata Secretary. Once signed and handed over to the Secretary you can use the shop at your discretion, keeping in mind that you clean up after yourself.

Q-What day is garbage and recycling picked up at the complex?
A-Garbage is picked up on Tuesday, Recycling is Wednesday and Organics is Tuesday and Friday during the Spring and Summer and Tuesday only during the Fall and Winter.

Q-What day does the landscaping get done?
A-The landscapers are here every Monday from March 1st – December 1st. Weeding is done twice a month in the front flower beds.

Q-Can I do an oil change on my car or change my tires in my carport?
A-No car repairs are permitted on the Colonial Strata Property.

Q-Can my family or friends bring their dog to visit?
A-No dogs are permitted on The Colonial Property at all, no visiting, no walking through and no dogs left in cars.

Q-Does Strata clean the common hallways of the four-plex units?
A-No. Its up to the four owners to come to an agreement on sharing the cleaning of the common hallway areas, whether they do the work themselves or hire a cleaning service and set up a regular schedule with the cost being shared by all four owners.

Q-Do I have to go to Strata Meetings?
A-No. Monthly Strata Meetings are for the Council Only. Should you wish to meet with Council you must put your request in writing and they will arrange for a date and time for you to meet with them. All Owners are encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting which is held in April of every year.