Colonial Rules

The Colonial – NW2777
12296 224th Street
Maple Ridge, B.C.
V2X 0M3





To All Strata NW2777 Owners

The following pages provide a detailed summary of all the Rules currently in place in the Complex. Much of the information provided was contained in the disclosure statement principles.

This document, therefore attempts to consolidate all the various rules for the clarification of all owners. The idea is not to restrict owner’s rights and desires but to provide a harmonious atmosphere or shared life-styles in keeping with the disclosure statement principles.

Naturally the Owners have the right to initiate discussion to change the rules through the Council and at the Annual General Meeting. A dialogue with your Council is encouraged (in writing) as to any requests for variances, clarifications, complaints and progressive ideas. The Council however, has the mandate to enforce all rules for the benefit of all.




1.1 Speed Limit

1.2 Parking

1.3 Washing of Vehicles

1.4 Workshop

1.5 Recreation Centre

1.6 Patios, Decks and Carports

1.7 Grounds, Shrubs and Flowers

1.8 Lights

1.9 Interior Halls & Stairways

1.10 General Safety and Unit Maintenance

1.11 Recycling

1.12 Pets





The designated speed limit is 15 km/hr. (A.G.M. April, 1992).
The speed limit must be adhered to for the safety of owners and visitors alike.


(1) Each homeowner shall have exclusive use of one covered parking space;

(2) Extra spaces are available for rent at the east end of our property;

(3) Owners shall not park in Visitor Areas;

(4) Owners or visitors shall not leave vehicle on driveway unattended, (the driveway is a designated fire lane);

(5) Under no circumstances shall any oversize commercial or recreational vehicle be allowed to park in the limited common property or common property;

(6) Owners of unlicensed vehicles parked in the common or limited common areas must provide proof of insurance to Council (February 12, 2003);

(7) Vehicles must not be backed into parking spaces to avoid damage to lattices and/or fences (March 13, 2003);

(8) Renting of any parking spaces must be for the use of Colonial residents

(9) If an Owner’s visitor is staying longer than 7 days, the Owner must advise a Council Member of the make of vehicle, plate number and color of the vehicle so Council knows which vehicles are permitted to park longer than the 7 day period.

(10) The Colonial infrastructure does not facilitate the installation of any charging capabilities for electric vehicles, smart cars or hybrid cars.

(10a) The Colonial does not have and will not have any charging capabilities for an electric car, a smart car or a hybrid car. These types of vehicles can be owned and parked only at The Colonial.


Vehicles shall be washed only on driveway in front of Owners personal Strata Lot. To reduce damage to asphalt driveways Owners are to hose down and sweep soap residue and dirt into drains.



(1) Lower area of Recreation Centre shall be designated as a workshop for exclusive use of Residents related to hobbies or maintenance of the complex;

(2) The workshop open area shall not be used for private storage;

(3) Lockers are assigned for hobbyists by Council on a first come basis;

(4) Tools and supplies are the responsibility of the Owners of said tools and supplies. Strata does not carry insurance on these items;

(5) The workshop area must be kept neat and clean;

(6) Smoking is not permitted (A.G.M. May 27, 1991);

(7) No gasoline is permitted (A.G.M. May 27, 1991);

(8) The workshop is not to be used for commercial purposes (February 22, 1994).


The Recreation Centre is for the exclusive use of Residents. The Centre is seen as an extension of each Resident’s home, therefore the conduct and behavior of invited guests resides with Residents. All guests must be accompanied and supervised by the applicable resident. The hall is not intended for Commercial or Financial gain.

Application to schedule the Recreation Centre for the exclusive use of a Resident and their guests is to be received by the Strata Council in writing two weeks prior to the function.

A Recreation Centre maintenance deposit of $50.00 is required for outside services to clean the facilities, surrounding grounds and visitor parking area.

The maximum number of people to occupy the Recreation Centre at any one time is limited to 40 people.

Smoking is prohibited within the Recreational facility.

Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.

The resident supervising the function in the Recreation Centre must be considerate of the other residents regarding noise.


The consumption of Alcohol by guests falls under the responsibility of the resident. (No formal selling of alcohol is allowed on the premises).

The washing of dishes and cutlery, cleaning counters, sinks, stacking of chairs, sweeping of floors etc. is the responsibility of the resident and must be completed by 12 p.m. of the following day. An adjustment of up to $30.00 of the maintenance deposit will be based on the condition of the facility after resident cleaning. The adjustment amount will be returned to the resident within two weeks of the event.


(1) Patios and decks shall be kept in a clean and tidy condition and not used for the keeping of unsightly or inappropriate items or for storage; no storage containers are permitted on patios and decks and no planters or pots shall encroach on common property. Only patio furniture and plants in pots will be allowed on front decks or patios.

(2) Flower boxes on upper deck railings are not allowed; hanging baskets must all be securely wired especially in upper units; no more than 4 large flower pots are allowed on the upper decks.

(3) Barbeques are only allowed on back decks, Barbeques must be 4 feet away from building when in use.

(3a) No Candles or open flames on Limited Common Property (which is decks and patios)

(3b) No charcoal grills allowed on Limited Common Property (which is decks and patios)

(4) No electronic bug kills are allowed;

(5) Owners are responsible for keeping their own carport clean and free of clutter and oil spills or stains.

(6) The attics of the carports are not be used for storage. (Order of the Fire Marshall, Sept. 3, 1996).

(7) Repairing of vehicles is not allowed on the premises.


(1) No garden hoses are to be hung in front of Units. Owners are asked to hang them in carports or keep in Unit.

(2) No vines or trellises are allowed on buildings.



Inside of the four-plex, all lights are to be turned off at night. Porch lights are to be left on to help light up the exterior of the building.


(1) Owners to whom interior halls and stairways have been assigned as limited common property (four-plex) are responsible to share cleaning and maintaining same;

(2) Such Owners shall repair and maintain said areas jointly with all other owners to whom such limited common property has been assigned. The work to be done and the time of such work shall be decided by special resolution of the owners concerned at a general meeting (of said owners).

(3) Main entrance doors are to be kept closed at all times, mainly for security reasons and especially during the winter months.


(1) Dryer filters must be kept clean to prevent mold and permit proper air circulation. Dryers must not be left running when no one is home.

(2) Hoses on washing machines should be checked and replaced as necessary. Suggested that water to washing machines be shut off when not in use and that water to washing machines be shut off when going on holidays or extended absences.

(3) Suggested that a fire extinguisher should be readily available in all units (September 14, 1998).

(4) Bathroom fans should be cleaned at least once a year.


The instructions posted for recycling in the Recycling area must be followed to meet the requirements of the Recycling Company.

1.11(a) Only items listed on recycling bins can be disposed of at the recycling shed area. Any other items must be taken to the recycling depot personally or via a private recycling pick up company. Owners are not permitted to leave unwanted items on the floor or the walls of the recycling sheds.

1.12 PETS

Owners, tenants, occupants and visitors are to ensure that pets are leashed or otherwise secured when on common property or land that is a common asset.



Owners who share a fourplex entrance through limited common property share the responsibility of entrance security. If an owner loses their entry keys or compromises the security of the entrance by distribution of keys to unauthorized persons, that Owner will be held financially responsible for the re-keying of the front entrance lock and the allotment of 10 new keys. Two keys for emergency access held by the Strata Council Security Key Bank and two new entry keys per residence sharing the common entrance. New keys from this point forward shall have the “do not copy” designation.