Colonial Insurance Waiver for the Workshop

The Colonial NW – 2777

Colonial Workshop Rules|Waiver Requirement

Hobbyists who use the workshop are responsible for their own hand tools and hobby supplies. The Colonial offers the shelter of the workshop facility and a limited selection of power tools. Resident hobbyists may apply to the Council for the use of a storage locker to secure their supplies and personal tools. The supplies for lockers shall not contain materials that are classified as flammable fuel or hazardous chemicals. The cleanliness of the shop facility is the responsibility of those who use it – as a sense of community cooperation is necessary.

The tools and power equipment in this workshop are for the exclusive use of Owners or individuals hired by the Colonial Strata to perform repairs on the common property. Before a hired individual or owner can use the power tools they must complete a waiver form indicating that they are familiar with the power tool they are intending to use. In addition they are capable of checking the tool for operational safety and they will operate the tool following proper procedures. As an adult working or or around other using power equipment it is the responsibility of those individuals to protect themselves against any potential hazard. The Colonial NW 2777 assumes no responsibility or liability for those who use the shop equipment.

Waiver Form – To be completed by residents and hired workers prior to power tool usage.

I_______________________________________ Owner of Unit #_______ would like to use the power equipment owned by the Colonial. As a prerequisite to using this equipment I am officially registering this waiver form indicating that I am capable of checking the safe working order of the power tool and familiar with the safe and proper operation of these power tools. I assume all responsibility for their safe operation and fully understand that the Colonial NW 2777 holds no liability or responsibility for individuals using power equipment in the workshop or on the Colonial property.

Date:_____________________ Owner__________________________________

Date:_____________________ Council_________________________________