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Retirement of Donna Klein from Council

The Colonial Strata Council has accepted the resignation of Donna Klein after serving 8 years on our Strata Council as an Officer. Donna has been not only a great asset to our Council but to the Community overall. Donna has worked tirelessly to improve The Colonial, but also does many volunteers hours within the City of Maple Ridge.

Donna was not only a Council member, but she was a great friend to many and her thoughtfulness for others was first and foremost and was always much appreciated. Donna will be sorrily missed at our Council table and the Patio ladies as well, but we wish her all the best on her new endeavors and we hope she visits often here at The Colonial.

The Colonial AGM for April 29th 2015

Was well attended with 48 Owners represented in person and by proxy. Going forward the addition of new gutters, downspouts, valley diverters and clean out traps should really improve the overall performance. We expect a great result once installed.
The Strata Council is mindful of being prudent and fiscally responsible as we save towards larger projects in the future and being prepared for those unexpected surprises that could arise. Overall The Colonial has made some significant repairs and replacements over the last five years and we hope to continue on that path. Thank you to all The Colonial Owners who continue to do their part in keeping our community looking good and staying green.