April 2016 Minutes

The Colonial NW – 2777
12296 224St Maple Ridge BC V2X 0M3

Strata Meeting April 25th 2016

Council Members Present: Erik Nielsen President
Ken Hall Vice President
Sharon Bull Secretary
Robin Knowles Treasurer
Anna Levesque Officer
Linda Saari Officer

Meeting called to Order at 2:30pm.
Adoption of Previous Minutes April 11th 2016 unanimously waived.

Treasurers Report: Was read and covered at the previous Strata Meeting April 11th 2016.

Old Business:
-Council met with the owner of the adjoining property at the east side of The Colonial. The owner will be making arrangements for an arborist to fall the tree in question. Council will follow up to ensure that the property owner has taken care of this important issue.


The Council would like to clarify how to properly recycle cardboard pizza boxes. Council has made a previous reference to someone improperly disposing of these boxes in the organics bin, but since then it has been brought to Council’s attention that according to the signage from Smithrite, pizza boxes were allowed to go into the organics bin.
However, since our recycling is actually taken care of by the Maple Ridge Recycling Depot, we have confirmed with them that pizza boxes can be recycled in the ”cardboard only” blue bins. Council did not want to increase our costs by ordering a larger organics bin to accommodate pizza boxes, when we already pay via our property taxes for recycling to be done.
Council hopes this clarifies any confusion that some owners were questioning and apologizes for the statement made in the previous minutes. New signage will be posted at the organics bin.

Dirt, plants and garden trimmings ARE NOT PERMITTED in the Organics Bin. Kitchen waste only is permitted in the organics bin. Plant and garden waste must go to the back of our property to our composting area. A key for the back gate can be provided by the Secretary Sharon Bull #11.

Colonial Owners, if you have a computer you should avail yourself to The Colonial web site which is managed by our Secretary Sharon Bull. Once you join, you will have access to monthly strata minutes, AGM minutes, Bylaws and Rules. If you request a reprinting of these documents, there will be a nominal fee charged. The website is www.thecolonial.ca

Motion to adjourn at 3:45pm by Robin Knowles, seconded by Erik Nielsen.

Next Strata Meeting May 9th 2016 at 7pm.