April 2015 Minutes

The Colonial NW – 2777
12296 224St Maple Ridge B.C. V2X 0M3

Strata Minutes for April 13th 2015

Council Members Present: Lisa Le Blanc President
Ken Hall Vice President (absent)
Sharon Bull Secretary
Robin Knowles Treasurer
Donna Klein Officer
Anna Levesque Officer
Erik Nielsen Officer

Meeting called to Order at 6:30pm.

Council had a meeting to hear concerns from an Owner in regards to excessive noise complaints. Council feels going forward that both parties concerned will endeavor to have open communications.

Regular Strata Meeting called to Order at 6:50pm.

Adoption of Previous Minutes dated March 9th 2015 were unanimously waived due to the meeting with an Owner.

Treasurers Report: Read by Mr. Robin Knowles. Strata Fees and Secondary Parking fees are all up to date. Council reviewed some of the upcoming expenses, price quotes and financial report for the AGM.

Old Business:
-Council to follow up with 4th Utility in regards to a fourplex intercom replacement.
-Repairs have been finished in #47.
-Council awaiting price quote for side walk repair in front of #54.

New Business:
-Continuing to receive quotes for gutter replacements and do our due diligence.
-The brick planter at the front of the complex is having the bricks re-pointed and then acid washed to bring the planter back to being a key focal point. The landscapers will then add top soil and some flowering shrubs.
-Thank you to Mr. Erik Nielsen for starting to repaint the sign at the front of the complex, which will be fully reinstalled once the brick work has been completed.
-Drain Master is to come this week to start working on the water leak in front of #37.
-Letters were received and reviewed and where warranted replies were sent.

Owners who park in the secondary stalls along the back fence line, please line your vehicles up straight so the adjoining parking stall can be used properly. Some owners are having difficulty in getting in and out of their vehicles and one car parked crooked, means most of them are not working well.

REMINDER: If you are leaving your unit for more than a day, please shut off the water in your unit and the electrical panel for the hot water tank to avoid any unnecessary water leaking. A lot of damage can potentially happen when units are left unattended and Council wishes to avoid any insurance claims both by owners and the Strata.

WARNING: This past week a warning for suspicious activities was handed out to Owners. The RCMP suggested that Council remind Owners to have windows and doors secured, ensure that four-plex front entry doors are closed securely when entering and exiting and that the Strata Council ensures that we utilize all security lights to their maximum capabilities. Council will replace light bulbs and or add light bulbs where necessary.

RECYCLING AND ORGANIC WASTE: Mrs. Donna Klein kindly oversees the recycling area here at the Colonial and while many are following the recycling guideline list correctly, there are Owners that have disregard for the work involved in making this program successful here at The Colonial.
-No plastic containers can be put into the Organics Bin. (leaving for other owners to remove is unacceptable).
-NO oversized cardboard in the bins!! The recycling people are refusing to take our oversized cardboard unless it is folded and placed beside the bins, not in them.
-Wood is NOT allowed in recycling. If its a small piece of wood it can be placed in the garbage dumpster, if its more than that you must take it to the transfer station yourself.
On many occasions Mrs. Klein has personally driven items to the recycling depot as she knows what is not allowed for curb side pickup. Mrs. Klein should not be driving items to the depot due to the laziness of an Owner in taking responsibility for his or her own garbage or recyclables.
Council wishes to give a big thank you to the Owners that take the extra time to sort their items, participate in the Organics program and be respectful in keeping our recycling sheds tidy and being responsible themselves for the items that do require them to personally take them to the transfer station or recycling depot. The Colonial has always been pro-active in our recycling program and have been very successful to date.

Over the next two weeks, please do not contact Council Members to discuss the contents of your AGM Package. The time for discussion with Council in regards to any of those topics is at the AGM and if you are unable to attend, it is recommended that you sign your proxy to a friend, neighbor or council member so that every vote counts. For Owners that are unable to view the north side of the property for the proposed stair removal, there will be a picture board at the AGM so all Owners will be able to view.

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:30pn by Robin Knowles, seconded by Donna Klein.

Next Meeting is the AGM on April 29th 2015 at 7pm with preregistration starting at 6:30pm.

Next Strata Council Meeting is May 11th 2015 at 7pm.