The Colonial NW – 2777
12296 224St Maple Ridge B.C. V2X 0M3


Ken Hall Vice President (absent)
Sharon Bull Secretary
Robin Knowles Treasurer
Donna Klein Officer
Anna Levesque Officer
Erik Nielsen Officer

Meeting called to Order at 7:02pm by President Lisa Le Blanc.

President Lisa Le Blanc welcomed new Owners: Doug Reid (#1), Andrea Arscott (#8), Don and Sandra Zaharuk (#9), Ross Boyle and Bethany Mitchell (#22), Sandra Allan (#38), Wayne Clifton (#33), John Bruce (#51) and Kelsey Allard (#54).

1. Roll Call:
Voting Owners Present: 34
Proxies Certified: 14
Total 48
Owners present exceed the necessary quorum by Section 48(2)(a) of the B.C. Strata Property Act.

2. Proof of Notice:

Notices were delivered April 13th 2015.

3. Approval of the Agenda:

The Agenda was read by the Secretary Sharon Bull. Motion to accept as read by Russ Wilcox and seconded by Joan Wylie.

4. Adoption of Previous Minutes:

The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting dated April 23rd 2014 were read by the Secretary Sharon Bull. Motion to accept as read by Shirley Anne Hudson, seconded by Shelley Euler.

5. Presidents Report:

-MAY 2014
-Ken and Erik made new posts for the many replacements they planned to do during the Spring and Summer. They both logged many many hours as this and it was time consuming work. Four of our Council Members that had been threatened by a visitor of an Owner, went to Court and were successful in obtaining a 3 year restraining order against this individual and his not being allowed to be within 3 blocks of The Colonial. The Owner has since sold and moved. (This was a very emotional time for these Council Members and we thank them for their service).
-Ken and Erik also started some deck surfaces to be replaced at #10,#11,#52,#53. Council feels confident in the work being performed by North Vancouver Sundecks going forward.
-Obtained quotes for repairing the cracking in the asphalt throughout the roadway in the complex, as well as rebuilding the curbing at the entrance to the carports on the south side. This work was completed and satisfactory to date.
-Dryer Vent cleaning was done for all units and Council asks that Owners clean their vents out every time they use their dryers to keep any fire risk at a minimum.
-Water main leaks were assessed and repaired and at times Council has had to ask for everyone’s patience in waiting for work to be completed. A couple of times where we had two repairs at once, the final work to be done, Council prefers it happens simultaneously as it is more cost efficient to be charged for one call out as opposed to two.
-Our front entrance sign for The Colonial was painted and urethane applied, but unfortunately it yellowed. Don Zaharuk has volunteered to redo the sign this Summer and Donna Klein, Sharon Bull and Kristen Bull will repaint the house numbers as well. This will really brighten up these areas and be a welcome facelift.
-Thank you to Donna Klein for retyping the Bylaws and Rules bringing it all up to date, with Sharon Bull and Maya Moore assisting in the packaging of these documents.
-Thank you to Sharon Bull, Donna Klein, Sandra Hall, Fay Ionne and Maya Moore for painting around our hydro box, front fence panels and the panels around the recycling sheds. Once again this really gave those items a face lift.
-Organics is now mandatory and we thank Owners for being positive and participating in this new program. The Colonial has been doing this for almost 2 years at this point. The garbage company will implement fines should Organics be found in our regular trash bin. The offending Owner once identified would be fined, so we hope all Owners take responsibility for keeping The Colonial Green.
-Erik Nielsen, Donna Klein, Sharon Bull, Anna Levesque and Tyson Bull have started the cleanup process in the workshop area. It is a work in progress. For Owners that have signed the Liability Waiver and therefore can use the workshop we ask that you clean up after each time you use the workshop. Thank you to Don Zaharuk for taking all the items to the Transfer Station and Donna Klein for contacting the Metal pickup service and for taking all the old paint to the Recycling Depot.
-Council has provided Owners who own mobility scooters with the option of installing a chain within their own carports to increase security to their property. The cost to charge the scooters in the carport is $10 a month.
-Council has signed a new Contract for Landscaping with Lawn Care Plus. Kyler Reid the owner of Lawn Care Plus will perform the same duties as the previous landscaper and in addition give the front flower beds a light weeding twice a month and provide bedding plants for the focal points in the complex. The savings per month from the previous landscaper is $945 for a total savings of $8505. Thank you to Sharon Bull and Donna Klein in obtaining bids for our 2015/2016 contract.
-The landscapers have removed overgrown shrubs from the front flowerbed and Mr. Nielsen has replaced the broken spotlight in that bed, so in the evenings our name and address is lit up. This will make it much easier for emergency services to identify the complex. As previously mentioned the sign will be repainted white with black numbering which will show up nicely. Mr. Nielsen is obtaining quotes for the repointing of the brick work and then the landscapers will add more topsoil and put in some flowering shrubs that are low maintenance. A lot of effort by Sharon Bull, Erik Nielsen and Donna Klein has gone into making the front of the Complex look much better which will offer great curb appeal for the Colonial.
-Mr. Nielsen has finished placing the remaining wood cornice trim on the patios that were worked on.
-Power washing of the 4 residential buildings, clubhouse and carports were completed. The sidewalks and visitor parking/walls were completed. The total price was $7875 (including GST) which was $189 cheaper than previous due to the elimination of the HST and paying only GST. The power washing company also offered us a payment plan of 3 months with no interest, which definitely helped with the budgeting aspect. Thank you to Sharon Bull for obtaining the quote and getting all the necessary documentation in order so the cleaning could proceed.
-Several months have been spent by Sharon Bull and Erik Nielsen gathering up multiple quotes from a variety of different businesses in order to offer owners the best balance we can possibly achieve, between quality products and or services along with the most cost effective methods. These include but not limited to quotes for repair and or replacements of windows, decks, railings and gutters.

I wish to acknowledge and thank:
-Ken Hall and Erik Nielsen for the ongoing maintenance of the Colonial Property.
-Joan Wylie for management of the Clubhouse.
-Shelley Johnson and Linda Saari for managing the Elections for the AGM.
-Donna Klein for delivery of Notices and Strata Minutes.
-Maya Moore for cleaning the flowerbeds around the clubhouse.
-Anna Levesque for managing the Home Owners Insurance File
-Robin Knowles for handling the paperwork involved for the many sales we experienced at the Colonial this year, along with his regular Treasury Duties.
-Sharon Bull for handling all the written communications for the Colonial Complex, Legal Services through Hub Insurance, communicating with CHOA on our behalf. There is a lot of multitasking jobs that are entailed in the Secretary’s job description.
-Council added Bylaws that they felt were necessary, ratified by the Owners at the 2014 AGM and were Registered by Sharon Bull at the Land Title office in New Westminster.
Overall I feel our Strata Council has worked very hard this past year in getting some very important work done, many volunteers hours were put into improving our homes and complex, and doing our due diligence and being fiscally responsible.

6. Financial Report:

Read by Mr. Erik Nielsen on behalf of the Treasurer Mr. Robin Knowles. Mr. Nielsen reviewed the upcoming budget for 2015/2016 and answered questions from the floor. Mrs. Sharon Bull explained the importance of the Reserve Data Analysis Report and in terms of future sales of your unit, that Banks and Lenders look to see that the Strata Council explains and encourages Owners to make steady increases each year, particularly if you are residing in an older building as the needs continue to rise. Mrs. Bull went onto explain that Council is mandated by the Province and the B.C. Strata Property Act to ensure that they do their due diligence not only as a Council but as Owners as well.

7. New Business:

-Discussion on the proposed gutters and downspouts for the entire complex. Mr. Nielsen advised owners that the most common complaints from Owners is the ongoing issue of gutters not handling the flow of water and the seamed corners leaking. Council explained in detail that the reason for the increased flow of water from the roof is the metal valleys. It is Council’s intention to have diverters installed in the valley’s to slow down the flow of water into the gutters. Previously we had shingled materials in the valleys and that is one of the areas where the roof degraded because the water stayed longer on the shingles after a rainfall before drying out. New roofs today are all using the metal valleys because of this reason.
-Window replacements were discussed. Mr. Nielsen provided the quote information that we had received from a variety of window companies. Prices ranged from $204K to $452K, which would result in a special levy assessment of approximately $4500 to $7500. Attic insulation was brought up and Mr. Nielsen had quotes for a blown R48 insulation which would result is an approximate price of $660 per unit. Council discussed with Owners that the priority going forward was to be mindful of the pipe leaks in the roadway area. Each of these leaks are approximately $4200-$5000 to repair. Council also told Owners that we do not want to deplete our funds drastically, so we are left with nothing to repair an emergency situation such as water supply. Although the areas of windows and insulation are important, we have found that when Owners are prudent in keeping windows open for proper air exchange and clean their window sills particularly after a heavy rainfall, that very few people are experiencing any window problems.
-Mrs. I. Edel in #28 indicated that her soffiting was in need of cleaning and had been previously requested and was suppose to have been completed by the previous handyman that we had at the time. Council will bring this request forward at our next strata meeting.

-The discussion of removing the wood stairs on the two north side buildings to reduce maintenance costs involved in stairs that offer no back yard access due to the severe slope to the Deer Creek Complex, where years ago an ivy hedge was planted. At this time the ivy hedge is in need of continual trimming and the only way to successfully remove it would be to regrade the land and put up a concrete retaining wall. There is no budget to do such an expansive job at this time or in the near future as other previously discussed concerns are considered to be more urgent at this time. Council has on file a letter from the Owner of Lawn Care Plus (Kyler Reid) where he states that the extra time involved to dodge around the stairs and the concrete pads added an extra cost to our contract, wear and tear on his machines by turning them off and lifting them over the concrete pads, the risk and danger this activity puts on his employees for injury, he has stated that they are really a nuisance. Mr. Reid said with the stairs and concrete pads removed they could restore the yard more easily and have an overall better result in the landscaping in these areas. The discussion of exiting the unit was brought up, but as one Owner who lives in an end unit which have no stair access, purchased a $50 portable ladder to exit in case of an emergency. To continue to maintain stairs for the sole purpose of an exit strategy in Councils view is not warranted. Removing the stairs would bring all second floor units in line with the end units and open up the bottom units, who in most cases have 2 feet of lawn before the ivy hedge begins, allow them a more open feeling without the stairs blocking an already very tightly restrained area. Owners must start to make some serious cut backs in areas where Council feels the ongoing maintenance doesn’t outweigh what is being spent on them. If Owners choose to retain the stairs then going forward Council will make amend next years budget to reflect that choice.

Motion: To approve the 2015/2016 Operating Budget
Option #1 Yes Votes counted were 12
Option #2 Yes Votes counted were 36 CARRIED

Motion: To approve the surplus balance from 2014/2015 to remain in the general bank
account for expenditures that will be worked on this Summer.
Yes Vote to have funds remain in general bank account 47 CARRIED

Motion: Remove the rear stairs of the two north residential buildings and install matching aluminum railings to close off the opening.
Yes Vote was 35. Needed 36 for approval. DEFEATED

Motion: Ratify Bylaw 39.6 and Register at Land Titles in New Westminster.
Yes Vote was 47. CARRIED

Motion: Ratify Bylaw 41.0 and Register at Land Titles in New Westminster.
Yes Vote was 34. Needed 36 for approval. DEFEATED
8. Retirement of Old Council. Mrs. Wylie kindly thanked the Council Members who have served the Colonial community well, acting on behalf of all Owners as mandated by the Province of British Columbia. Mrs. Le Blanc gave thank you gifts to Council members as she thanked them for their years of service with her for the past 3 years. Sharon Bull was presented with a lovely gift basket for her extra efforts on behalf of the Colonial this past year, and the gift was much appreciated. Mr. Nielsen presented Lisa Le Blanc with a rose topiary tree with a card of thanks for her leadership skills she provided to Council and always being a fair advocate for all Owners of The Colonial. Thank you Lisa for your 3 years of service.

9. Election of New Council: Conducted by Elections Officer Shelley Johnson.
Council Members from 2014/2015 who were willing to run again were as follows:
Sharon Bull, Ken Hall, Erik Nielsen, Donna Klein, Anna Levesque, Robin Knowles and a new addition of Linda Saari. Ms. Johnson asked the floor if anyone else would offer to serve on the Strata Council, once, twice and a third calling to which there was no response. Therefore by acclimation the Council members of 2014/2015 were elected to Council 2015/2016 along with the new addition of Linda Saari. Thank you Linda for stepping up to service on Council.

10. Adjournment: Motion to adjourn by Shelley Johnson, seconded by Linda Saari at 9:02pm.