The Colonial NW – 2777
12296 224St Maple Ridge B.C. V2X 0M3

Annual General Meeting April 23rd 2014

Council Members Present:
Lisa Le Blanc President
Ken Hall Vice President
Sharon Bull Secretary
Robin Knowles Treasurer
Donna Klein Officer (absent)
Anna Levesque Officer

President Lisa Le Blanc welcomed two new Owners, Tony D’Onofrio and Linda Saari.

Meeting was called to Order at 7pm by President Lisa Le Blanc.

1. Roll Call:
Voting Owners Present 33
Proxies Certified 8
Total 41
Owners present exceed the necessary quorum by Sec 48(2)(a) of the B.C. Strata Property Act.

2. Proof of Notice

Notices were delivered March 31st 2014 and April 1st 2014.

3. Approval of Agenda:

The Agenda was read by the Secretary Sharon Bull. Motion to accept as read by Shirley Anne Hudson, seconded by Edna Amesbury’s daughter Donna.

4. Adoption of Previous Minutes:

The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting April 24th 2013 was read by the Secretary Sharon Bull. Motion to accept as read by Bea Baird and seconded by Sheila Coutu.

5. Guest Speaker:

President Lisa Le Blanc introduced our invited Guest Speaker Sandra Krenz, CAIB, CRM | Account Manager-HUB International Coastal Insurance Brokers. Mrs. Krenz gave an informative talk on our Strata Insurance Policy as well as the importance of everyone’s individual insurance policies. The key focus was on the Strata Insurance Deductible of $10,000.00, which Owners are responsible to pay should a water damage or fire claim happen from within your Unit and affect the limited common area or your adjoining neighbors. Council was very appreciative that Mrs. Krenz accepted our invitation to appear at our AGM.

6. Presidents Report:

President Lisa Le Blanc gave an overview of the fiscal year 2013-2014 detailing the scope of work that was overseen and completed by Council during a most challenging year. Key points were as follows: (1) After negotiating in good faith with BFI Garbage Disposal, Council made the decision to pay a penalty to be released from a five year contract and enter into a new contract with Smithrite. This decision even after paying a penalty will save the Strata over twenty thousand dollars over the five year period. (2) Mr. Ken Hall, Vice President spent countless hours of work to obtain just over a twelve thousand dollar refund back on our old roof warranty, a big thank you to Ken for his persistence in a very frustrating process. (3) Warline Painting completed the painting of the dark gray color in our shingled areas of the bay windows, which definitely updated and unified the look within The Colonial. (4) Six patio deck surfaces were replaced. (5) Maintenance of gutter cleaning was done, light bulb replacements and visitor parking repainted on the concrete. (6) Had two hot water tank leaks that resulted in two insurance claims through the Strata Insurance. (7) A water main leak beneath a concrete slab was repaired by Strata. (8) Two water main leaks beneath the sidewalk area and roadway was repaired by Strata. (9) Council initiated a phone call program for hot water tank replacements that gave a better bulk pricing deal as well as a smoke alarm replacement which resulted in 17 tanks were replaced and 22 smoke alarms. (10) Mrs. Le Blanc thanked Council for all their efforts and hard work, and in turn Council thanks Mrs. Le Blanc for her direction, guidance and forethought as well.

7. Financial Report:

The Financial Report was read by Mr. Ken Hall on behalf of Mr. Robin Knowles. Mr. Hall highlighted the several unforeseen water leaks that happened over the last year and the continued work that must be done going forward. Listing the need for more patio and post replacements, gutter solutions, asphalt repairs, window replacements, intercom replacements, would quickly add up to be more per unit than the budget that Council was proposing. With the implementation of the Reserve Data Analysis Report, it is imperative that Council and Owners vote to proceed with ongoing maintenance issues. Banks are paying attention to these reports and also paying attention to the Minutes from the AGM to see that Owners continue to increase strata fees in order to maintain their property. Failure to do so could lead to the complex being unmarketable, reduce our overall equity positions and potential to become uninsured as well. Mr. Hall indicated that an increase in next years strata fees was very realistic and advised Owners to be mindful of their hoses, connections and dates of their hot water tanks to avoid any unnecessary leaks and or claims.

8. New Business:

Motion: To approve the 2014-2015 Operating Budget. YES 34 CARRIED
Motion: To transfer surplus/shortfall to the Contingency fund. YES 39 CARRIED
Motion: Change Age Restriction from 19yrs to 55yrs. NO 29 YES 11 DEFEATED
Motion: To transfer Homeowner’s Insurance Rule to a Bylaw YES 41 CARRIED
Motion: To ratify Rule for Key Security for Fourplex YES 39 CARRIED
Motion: To ratify Rule for No Open Flame/Candle on patios YES 40 CARRIED
Motion: To ratify Rule on Visitor Parking longer than 7days YES 40 CARRIED
Motion: To add Addendum to Bylaw 39.5 to replace broken and or unsightly window blinds at the Owners expense. YES 39 CARRIED

Questions from the floor:
-inquiry in regards to gutters for rain overflow – Council is awaiting quotes.
-owner referenced an ant problem.

9. Retirement of Old Council:

Shirley Anne Hudson handed out thank you flowers to the ladies on Council and a pen to the men. Lisa Le Blanc handed out gifts to Council Members thanking them for their work and support. Lisa Le Blanc thanked Shirley Anne Hudson, Gillian Reimer and Shelley Johnson for assisting the Council in the running of the AGM and Maya Moore and Audrey Ludlam for volunteering to serve as our phone committee.

10. Election of New Council:

Mrs. Shirley Anne Hudson (Elections Officer) asked if there were any nominations from the floor. Mr. Ken Hall nominated Erik Nielsen. Mrs. Hudson asked if Mr. Nielsen was willing to serve on the Strata Council, to which Mr. Nielsen said yes. Thank you to Mr. Nielsen for volunteering his time to Council on behalf of all Owners. Mrs. Hudson asked if there were any other Owners who wished to step forward for Council and after the third call, the retired Council was re-elected by acclimation.

11. Adjournment:

Motion to adjourn at 9:03pm by Gillian Reimer and Shelley Johnson.