The Colonial NW – 2777
12296 224St., Maple Ridge B.C. V2X 0M3

Annual General Meeting – April 24th 2013

Council Members Present: Lisa Le Blanc President
Ken Hall Vice President
Sharon Bull Secretary
Robin Knowles Treasurer
Donna Klein Officer
Bea Baird Officer
Anna Levesque Officer

President Lisa Le Blanc welcomed two new Owners to the Colonial.

Meeting called to Order at 7pm by President Lisa Le Blanc.


Voting Owners Present: 31
Proxies Certified: 8
Total 39
Owners present exceed the necessary quorum by Sec 48(2)(a) of the B.C. Strata Property Act.


Notices were delivered April 5th 2013.


The Agenda was read by the Secretary Sharon Bull. Motion to accept as read by Joan Wylie seconded by Shelly Euler.


The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of April 25th 2012 were read by the Secretary Sharon Bull. Motion to accept the Minutes as read by Shirley Anne Hudson, seconded by Shelly Euler.


Council President Lisa Le Blanc gave an overview of the fiscal year 2012-2013 detailing the scope of work that was overseen and completed by Council with some future jobs that are coming up this Summer.

-May 28th 2012 a Special Assessment Re-Roofing Meeting was held, where a discussion took place describing the overall condition of the roof. Mrs. Roberta Herman a Banking Officer attended to advise Owners as from a lending stand point what they look for in qualifying for financing and the importance of the Strata Council maintaining the property. The motion was approved to proceed with the re-roofing and special assessment.
-June 21st 2012 a Special General Meeting was held to vote for a color change to the fascia board, as well as proceeding with that color to be painted on the scallops in the bay window areas. The medium gray color was approved 37Yes and 4No.
-Council wanted to thank Owners for paying 100% of the special assessment allowing Council to enter into a Contract with H.I. Roofing. The project commenced in July 2012 and was completed in October 2012. Volunteers were thanked for assisting with the measuring, cutting and painting of the fascia boards. The volunteer hours saved us approximately $5000 or $100 per Unit.
-Council approved the purchase of the power and hand tools which had previously been owned privately. To use these tools you must sign a Liability Waiver with the Secretary Sharon Bull.
-November 2012 Council hired handyman Mike Gallagher after the sudden loss of Ken Luoma. We appreciated Ken’s contributions in providing service to Council and Owners.
-January 2013, Council was instructed and delegated the task of obtaining quotes for power washing, landscaping, painting and dryer vent cleaning. Many hours were spent interviewing, checking references, verifying insurance and signing final contracts. These quotes were required for our Treasurer Mr. Knowles to complete the upcoming Budget for 2013-2014.
-February 9th 2013 a hot water tank leak took place in Unit #45 which resulted in extensive damage. Council would like Owners to check the expiry dates on their hot water tanks as well as review their individual home owners policy to ensure you have adequate coverage for the strata deductible.
-February 27th 2013, Dominion Power Washing commenced to cleaning the sidewalks, buildings, clubhouse, concrete patios, visitor parking stalls and walls, carport gutters and the brick sign at the front of the property. We think they did a great job!
-March 20th 2013, Council entered into a contract with The Town Gardener as our new landscaper. We look forward to our new working partnership.
-Council has finalized a Contract with Warline Painting. Their references were excellent and we look forward to them painting all the bay window scallops in the medium gray color of the fascia boards and painting the blue color on the front two buildings to the light gray color that is on the clubhouse and two rear buildings. This will give an updated and cohesive look to the Complex as a whole.
-Repainting of the Visitor Parking signs on curbs and walls has been completed, re-grouting of the brick sign is almost completed and the Do not Back In signs are up. The Private Property Signs are here and should be installed within the next week.
-Thank you to Donna Klein, Bea Baird, Joan Wylie, Shirley Anne Hudson, Sandy Hall and Freda Jackson for the great Clubhouse Dinners. Thank you to Owners for the generous food and cash donations to our local Food Bank.
-Thank you to Volunteers as follows: Freda Jackson for the flower pots and beds, Donna Klein for delivering the Minutes and other communications, Joan Wylie for keeping the Clubhouse records and the Election Officer for the AGM and Norm Le Blanc for emergency maintenance.


The Financial Report was read by Mr. Ken Hall on behalf of Mr. Robin Knowles. Mr. Hall explained that our biggest increase was the insurance premium on the property for earthquake insurance. A very modest increase meant that 50% of that was going towards covering the overage in the insurance, leaving very little to put towards any maintenance or upkeep. Mr. Hall then went on to inform Owners of the parameters of their ownership and what areas it includes and excludes, for example the patios, decks and garden beds. The aluminum patio covers are those individual Owners responsibility to repair and maintain, not Strata. Owners conduct was also reviewed in these areas, as Council hires Contractors to do specific jobs and the scope of work is known by Council as we are the ones negotiating the contract, so Owners must not assume that they are privy to this information and therefore dictating to contractors what they wish to have done. If a situation is urgent in regards to a Contractor then contact a Council member.
A question from the floor was asked in regards to offering automatic debit requests, to which Council replied that all Owners would have to be on board to implement and there would be a cost involved for us to set up with our Bank. Council has kept in mind our financial obligations and does not see that as being viable at this time. A question was asked as to the storage method for the cheques by the Treasurer, and since they are stored in his home, Council will review this at our next Strata Meeting to obtain a possible alternative storage method.


Motion to accept the Operating Budget for 2013-2014.


Lisa Le Blanc and Bea Baird handed out thank you gifts to Council Members for their hard work and efforts throughout the past year.


Joan Wylie, Elections Officer asked the Owners present if anyone wished to put their name forward for consideration to Council. There was no offer. Mrs. Wylie then asked if anyone would like to offer someones name to serve on Council, there was no offer. Mrs. Wylie therefore declared that the previous years Council was elected by Acclimation.


Motion to adjourn at 8:10pm by Shelly Euler seconded by Norm Le Blanc.